One comment on “Dos Tazas de Cafe–Day 1 Marlu

  1. I have been having great time reading through all this essays of your first day in Guatemala. As a parent of one of you guys, I feel so proud of all of you about the fact that with this trip, you had the chance to connect some of the knowledge you have acquired in school with reality.

    As I was reading all this essays, I was laughing at some of the funny things you have said, and I was going thru some of the fillings of traveling, but what got me most exited was the fact that you guys acknowledge and embrace the struggle of the people of a country that have suffer the consequences of a dictatorship (Rios Mont). Some of you relate the similarity between this country and some of the other latin american countries, probably because all latin american countries have been plunder by the same ones, the imperialist ones, and still their food taste much better than any other, right?

    I celebrate that this experience will continue with the coming generations of Grinnelians students of the SOLs and continuing meeting with the HIJOS. I will keep reading a day at a time so I do not run out of enhancement right away, as I drink my “dos tazas de cafe”

    Mr. Santiago

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